Fashion video for By Sju Procrastinate


Forgive yourself, we all do it… embrace the distractions, mess around, mess up… procrastinate. You never know what it could lead to...

Christmas isn't over when it's over. Use #procrastinatebysju next to a post of how you procrastinate for a chance to win one of BySju's designs. Competition runs on Instagram and Twitter until 18th of January.


Directors - Jody Elizabeth + Tegan Ashmore www.
Director of Photography - Matthew North
Editor - Anne Perri
Sound Designer - Helen Dyke
Set Dresser - Amelia J Hankin
Colourist - Adam Clarke
VFX - Zdravko Stoitchkov
MUA - Fidel Fernados Martin
Stylist - Cristina Planelles


Twins: Polly & Sophie Duniam
Designers: Sju Smatanova & Per Englund
Dancer: Esteban Fourmi