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VR Filmmaking Workshop - Canterbury

  • University of Kent Canterbury, CT2 7NZ (map)

This is a closed session.

Workshop enquiry:


We will share the creative process of WHIST and different techniques to create an immersive environment derived from theatrical practice.


Through a mixture of demonstration, physical movement session, lecture, hands-on tasks and group discussions, participants will gain solid understanding and basic experience of creating an effective 360° VR film:

·       What is immersion in film and in theatre, and the role of the viewer?

·       The basic process and unique considerations in creation

·       The notion of our own body and its relation to space as important elements

·       Creating the story in an immersive environment (relationship between the story, action and the viewer)

·       Creating a multi-narrative story

·       Hands-on experience of using a 360° camera to complete a task that explores one of the techniques