Music video for Chasing Mirrors, Padre ft. Jova christioan Loeffler remix


"Chasing Mirrors" has been selected for the 7th edition of Mexico's CutOut Fest and Feminist and Queer International Film Festival.


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Derelicht presents a captivating video to accompany the Christian Loffler version of Chasing Mirrors which has been developed and produced by a collaboration between AΦE (Esteban Fourmi & Aoi Nakamura), Ben Harries and Oliver Jennings. The video encompasses an installation entitled “Kinbaku” that utilises Japanese bondage as its primary medium and was premiered at Spill Festival 2014. The video showcases AΦE’s installation which symbolically attempts to unravel the constraints and unseen pressures originally conveyed in the vocal by Jova Radevska, expressed through the ancient art of Kinbaku


The concept explores the work of AΦE through an installation entitled "KINBAKU", which combines esoteric elements of an immersive audio-visual installation fused with performance inspired by Sepher Yetsira. Kinbaku (originally premiered at Spill Festival 2014) investigates ‘binds’ of various kinds that replicate internal fulfilment. AΦE comments “The binds we are making, originate from our desires. We are binding ourselves, finding liberty in limitation”.  The concept is liberated through the original messages of Jova Radevska and a seminal Semyon Bychkov monologue. AΦE capture the momentum of these intentions through KINBAKU, aligning perfectly any synergies to provide a unilateral message for the music video for Chasing Mirrors.



AΦE wanted to capture the magical moment and beautiful aspects of KINBAKU, an ancient Japanese art form.  A multitude of challenges were provided by the chosen forest location where the cube was constructed, which is integral to the KINBAKU performance.  The polyvinyl acetate used to cover the cube is highly sensitive to moisture and unpredictably disintegrates in the damp morning forest air imposing a time constraint.  Ben Harries, a renowned fashion photographer, who explores moving images, had the difficult task of capturing the shoot including the projections mapped onto the cube and the disintegration of the external skin. His skill of capturing the projected imagery and the performance has been delivered with fascinating momentum. Additional videography, post-production and digital effects have been provided by Oliver Jennings to add further emphasis and transform the performance into a captivating music video. AΦE conveys that such a compelling end result would not have been possible without collaboration.


KINBAKU, the installation merges physical theatre with live performance and Japanese rope bondage. Live audio and field recordings add anticipation in-line with blurred human movement, whilst the use of projection mapping presents engaging images of Aoi Nakamura on innovative materials enveloping the surface of the cube. In essence Kinbaku is an immersive experience that draws on the ancient arts yet commands an understanding and an element of participation from its audience.

High powered LED light panels provide for a silhouette rich environment and give contrast to the backlit cube against the surrounding forest.  A 4k high-resolution projector uses the cube as a framework upon which to display subliminal flashes of imagery. Flexibility within the shoot and low light dawn conditions is enabled by high specification DSLR’s which are used at high ISO settings to capture human movement. The cameras permit freedom of movement which is central to capturing the pivotal moment whereby the PVA cube skin deteriorates against the smoke laden environment. 


 AΦE / Artistic Direction

Aoi Nakamura / Kinbaku Performance

Ben Harries & Oliver Jennings / Videography

Oliver Jennings / Post Production

KINBAKU - was part of SPILL Festival of Performance 2014, and is Supported by Nippon Gohsei, Jasmin Vardimon Company, The Place, Special thanks to Paul Massey.

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