We love to share our creation process, discoveries and passion through creative workshops and talks.

We offer various workshops and talks, tailoring for each case for any age and group of people.

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1. Workshops and Talks

a. Workshop: “Creating for immersive environments: Theatre, AR and VR”

• This workshop explores the similarities of making theatre and AR/VR experiences, so that drawing strengths from both worlds we could create strong immersive experiences.

• The session includes a lecture and some 360° film shooting.

• Content and angle could be tailored to dancers and other theatre-based professionals, or filmmakers and other non-theatre based professionals.

b. Workshop: “The Basics of Dance and 360° VR Filmmaking”

• This workshop is focused on movement content creation, and no lecture.

• Participants can be from the age of 6+ through to university students and professionals.

• Ideal workshop length is at least 4 hours but we can be flexible. The more time we have, the more in-depth we can explore with the participants.

c. Motion Capture System Demo

We will share our knowledge of using ROKOKO Motion Capture suits. Hands on demo of ROKOKO Motion Capture suit for audience to try.

d. Physical Theatre Workshop (Children, Adult beginners to professional)

• This workshop contains warm up, creative tasks to share the tools to create physical theatre.

• Participants can be from the age of 6+ through to university students and professionals.
* Length differs depending on the age group.

2. Talks

Artistic directors can lead audience discussions based on the work presented.

“Aoi and Esteban were incredibly kind and informative in their workshop, ensuring the process was helpful for everyone. It was amazing to have created our own VR short film and it has inspired me to consider working with similar processes in my future performance making.”

- Workshop Participants at University of Kent

“…the students felt really inspired by your work, creativity and tenacity !!”

- Ruth Way, Associate Head of School, Performing Arts & Co-Director of Plymouth Conservatoire