As our first major commission WHIST, a dance and Virtual Reality production, continues its UK and international tour until 2020, we embark onto our second production REBOOT
(working title), for a world premiere anticipated in Autumn 2020.

REBOOT is an ambitious and innovative live performance, that investigates audience behaviours to create a new typology of the audience role inspired by the notions of transhumanism and the rise of Artificial Intelligence and questioning the evolution of our species (posthuman). Narrated around social issues and our anxiety towards the revolutionary impact of new technology over human nature, highlighting the risk of disruptions to matters such as cycle of life, fertility, justice, ethics by revisiting the symbolisms that structured our societies today for which we forgot their origins and meanings.  “This was what we did as a species, after all: we built ingenious devices, and we destroyed things.” ― Mark O'Connell, To Be a Machine

We will create a living structure placed on the stage, with embedded intelligence to create an environment that can continuously adapt, react, accommodate and evolve depending on its environment (performers/audience’s motional and emotional behaviours).
Audience’s experience is set up in 3 steps that will be experienced separately as followed:
Step 1;
Pre-show activity (online): An interactive website designed as an open world, a 3D virtual representation of the physical stage set, accessible to any public. While audiences navigate through the website, the AI will collect some of their data and if they are attending the show for part 2 AI will decide to split audience in 2 groups for part 2 based on their engagement.

Step 2 & 3;
Performance (live) in the living structure (stage set approx. 20m x 20m) unfolding the narrative in 2 parts;
-Part 1: A family friendly ongoing installation during the day, where audiences will interact with the living structure and unfold the first half of the narrative. 
-Part 2: A performance, 90 mins, 5 performers for adults in the evening experiencing second half of the narrative. Audiences on stage will wear biosensors (ideally 75 people). There will also be audience seated in the auditorium (number depending on venue’s capacity).

The data captured during previous performances (both part 1 & 2), will influence the behaviours of the Living Structure (AI). The data will be gathered in one local server. The space, narrative, and decision-making process will be in continuous evolution for the duration of the tour, creating a singular experience that relies on audiences input. 

We will work with collaborators from the fields of architecture, AI, Robotics, Spatial Sound and video projection. There will be 4 or 5 live performers. 

We will develop a series of satellites activities around the themes and technologies explored in REBOOT. We will offer workshops, talks and masterclasses for families, industry professionals and the wider public, and guided tours through the structure to share our discoveries.

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