A collaboration with Film director Andrew Cumming.

MAGNUM Vie Magnifique presents, PLEASURE IS LETTING GO, a film competition curated by Xavier Dolan with Magnum and VICE i-D. Launched in Cannes during the 2015 Film Festival, this competition invited independent filmmakers to send in ideas for shorts about personal pleasure, indulgence and the joy of letting go.

This winning by Andrew Cummings reminds us that being carefree can lead us on the path to unexpected pleasure. When Kai, a training dancer (girl), finally accepts an offer from her fellow students to live a little, she discovers another side of herself - the ability to let go and feel joy.
Magnums believe that everyone should indulge in their personal pleasure. It doesn’t matter who you are, or what you take pleasure in; Magnum wish to inspire all Pleasure Seekers to seize pleasure every day.

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Director: Andrew Cumming

Director of Cinematography: Steven Cameron Ferguson

Choreography: AΦE

Performers: Maria Fonseca, Nicola Migliorati, Tomislav English, Aoi Nakamura, Esteban Fourmi

Producer: Franziska Lindner

Production Manager: Timea Huzar

1st Assistant Director: Martin Zenic
3rd Assistant Director: Chiara Marina Grioni
Runner / Driver: James Lindsay
Editor: Carmela Landoli

1st Assistant Camera: Jake McClean, Martine Wolff
2nd Assistant Camera: Matt Farrant, Martine Wolff, George Telling
Camera Trainee: Simon Glass

Stills Photographer: Chiara Marina Grioni
Key Grip: Ian Ogden
Gaffer: Jonathan Dew
Electricians: Nikoletta Nemeth, Adam Barnett
Production Sound Mixer: Stefania Fantini
Stylist: Ian Luka
Production Designer: Georgia Charter
Caterer: Patrick Metselaar

VFX Artist: Pete Fullarton
Colourist / Online Artist: Doychin Margoevski
Sound Designer: Nikola Medic
Composer: Sarah Warne
Camera & Lighting Equipment: Arri Rental
Processing, Film Rushes & Film Scanning: Cinelab London

Special Thanks to Rambert Dance Academy, Get Living London

Commissioned by i-D/VICE

Mentored by Xavier Dolan

Sponsored by Magnum