"The experience left a huge impression ... providing unforgettable imagery" - London Theater 1

"The innovative choreography and storytelling" - Michelle Dee


AΦE has been commissioned by Jasmin Vardimon Company to create work for JV2.  Touring from 14th April 2016, for the dates please visit calender.

Inspired by current events in Europe and the Middle East, this piece explores dictatorship, armed conflict, religion and ideology and their crushing effect on population, forcing many people to flee and seek asylum outside of their home countries. Whilst impacting European institutions, politically and socially, the security threats propagating from Syria to Europe result in terrorist attacks becoming very direct and real.


Direction / AΦE

Performance / Daniel Brown, Amelia Bell, Zoe Bradley, Katerina Christoforou, Dominic Coffey, Hannah Courtney, Jordan Harapiak, Iro Konti, Lucie Mazzi, Sarah Pringle, Sydney Robertson, Miranda Sheehy, Alice Shepperson, Vivian Triantafyllopoulou, Esther Varlaque

Music: Chavela Vargas, Oleg Boyko, Tomas Köner, Tatiana Troyanos

Costume: AΦE, Lara Jensen, Jennifer Gregory and Katherine Burke

Lighting Design: AΦE, Markus Tarasenko Fadum

Commissioned by Jasmin Vardimon Company